Zvonarskiy Deluxe

Zvonarsky Deluxe — luxury residential building in Zvonarska lane. This 10-storey building designed in the style of postmodernism. Correct proportions, clean lines, harmonious shapes, large Windows and a wrought-iron balcony, simple but at the same time sophisticated facades with granite, travertine and marble. The building fascinates with its symmetry of the facades, the perfectly chosen color scheme, and looks very prestigious, so what should be a luxury residential building. The complex is located in an area with developed infrastructure. Near the house there are boutiques, shops, pharmacies, schools, kindergartens, baths, circus Nikulina. In Meshchansky district of eight schools, the education center. a sufficient number of kindergartens, art school, music and art schools, gymnasiums, swimming pools, stadiums. The field of medical institutions of the district includes clinic - children and adults, hospitals, dentistry, private clinics. In the area there are historic sights of Moscow.
Moscow, Moscow, zvonarsky lane, 3/4
38 mm
ZhK Zvonarsky Deluxe
ZhK Zvonarsky Deluxe
ZhK Zvonarsky Deluxe